The Obligatory first Post or: Welcome to Another Food Blog

July 23, 2014

Hej, nice to see you here. I’m Greta and I love food. I have to say, our relationship started very early and we’ve been together for as long as I can remember. The only moment I noticed that things started to get a little weird with the two of us was one morning during my last year in high school. That day I realized I needed a separate bag for my lunchbox – don’t ask.

I’ve always been up for mouth-watering burger, fried eggs with avocado and typical German dishes my grandma prepares better than anyone else. But above all, I am fascinated by everything that’s sweet & crumbles.

This, and my second love called photography, is why I have started The Sweetest Crumble. It is a way to document and share my victories (downfalls) in the kitchen and serves as a platform to express myself in a creative way. With everything I show here, I try to take a simple and plain approach as I am definitely in favor of easy-to-prepare pastries.

Where am I home? Basically everywhere – and nowhere. Born in Stuttgart, I decided 2,5 years ago that Germany was not enough and moved to Amsterdam to pursue my Bachelor in International Business & Languages. Currently, I am absolving my exchange semester and I’m happy to call Southern California my temporary place to be. Luckily, since food is to be found all over the world, my ongoing love is able to accompany me everywhere I go. This makes things a lot easier.

Okay, enough said, have fun reading, joining me on my journey and hopefully trying out a recipe or two yourself!

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  • Reply Rosalind Miller July 25, 2014 at 19:51

    very nice blog :) looking forward the Ofennudeln recipe

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