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Self-made Strawberry-Rose Ice Cream and a Hello from Long Beach

August 20, 2014

After I’ve been living in Long Beach for almost two weeks, I’ve finally managed to overcome my jetlag and settle in. Not only the apartment hunt turned out better than expected, I also can’t wait to explore California with the people I was lucky to meet already. The only thing that I’m still missing now is a running Internet connection in our apartment – I didn’t expect that to take so long. Like this, however, I have an excuse to enjoy a yummy slice of banana bread at Starbucks; hoping that their Wi-Fi is strong enough to upload a few pictures.

While I’ve noticed that food (especially fresh fruits and veggies, but also basic things like flour, butter or cheese) is quite expensive over here, you get electronic devices and kitchen appliances almost for free. We’ve bought a toaster for 7$, a muffin pan for 3$ and, to my biggest surprise, a vacuum cleaner for 14$. For a very little moment, until the price tag of plain cream cheese came to my eyes again, I felt like I was in wonderland.


Anyway, as we now have our own kitchen with basic kitchen equipment, I will try out our huuuge oven very soon and keep you posted. Until then, this self-made strawberry ice cream is the perfect cold refreshment for one of these late-summer days.

Self-made Strawberry-Rose Ice Cream

250g strawberries
1tbsp lemon juice
30g sugar
300g yoghurt
1tsp dried rose petals
150ml whipped cream 
150ml whipped cream
about 6 strawberries
1. cut and blend strawberries, add lemon juice, sugar and yoghurt
2. finely grind rose petals and add to the mixture 
3. beat cream and fold in 
4. pour mixture into pudding or ice cream moulds
5. put everything in the freezer and as soon as the ice cream is slightly frozen, put sticks inside and let them freeze for few more hours
6. beat rest of cream and pipe it on the top of the ice creams, decorate with strawberries!

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    what a great refreshing idea!

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