Hej, nice to see you here. I’m Greta and I love food. I have to say, our relationship started very early and we’ve been together for as long as I can remember. The only moment I noticed that things started to get a little weird with the two of us was one morning during my last year in high school. That day I realized I needed a separate bag for my lunchbox – don’t ask.

I’ve always been up for mouth-watering burger (edit: about to turn into a vegetarian), fried eggs with avocado and typical German dishes my grandma prepares better than anyone else. But above all, I am fascinated by everything that’s sweet & crumbles.

This, and my second love called photography, is why I have started The Sweetest Crumble. It is a way to document and share my victories (downfalls) in the kitchen and serves as a platform to express myself in a creative way. With everything I show here, I try to take a simple and plain approach as I am definitely in favor of easy-to-prepare pastries.

Where am I home? Basically everywhere – and nowhere. Born in Stuttgart, I moved to Amsterdam to pursue my Bachelor in International Business & Languages and graduated only recently. After all, Amsterdam became my home base after five years and I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place every day.Luckily, since food is to be found all over the world, my ongoing love is able to accompany me everywhere I go. This makes things a lot easier.

Okay, enough said, have fun reading and hopefully trying out a recipe or two yourself!



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    Hallo, finde deine Seite echt gut. Grüßle, Marf

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