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About Friendships and Farewells or: Chocolate Vanilla Cupcakes

August 4, 2014

Within the past two months, my environment has turned by 180 degrees. After my roommates and me moved out of our little palace in Amsterdam, I’ve transitionally moved in back at my parent’s place in Germany. It’s funny to see how things haven’t changed that much in three years time and as soon as I had settled in, it felt like I’ve basically never been away. Even though different ideas of life become more obvious when you talk to each other only once in a while, I’m very happy to have noticed that friendship isn’t about how often you see each other, but rather about how comfortable you are when you do.

Many of my closest friends are now scattered across the globe and while I’m still busy with packing and did not even cross the big ocean yet, I already see us having dinner and sharing tons of experiences and funny stories with each other. But for now, I’m looking forward to the new chapter!


These super moist and chocolate vanilla cupcakes will surely help you to get over some sad times, so I also prepared them for another farewell party last week. It is a quite basic recipe, so feel free to experiment and add fruits to the sponge if you like. The cupcakes also perfectly go with a cup of fresh mint tea. I have the feeling that the mint aroma kind of neutralizes the sugar overload, while not killing the different flavors.


Chocolate Vanilla Cupcakes

yields about 12 cupcakes
100g chocolate (I suggest chocolate drops as they melt quickly)
130ml almond milk
200g sugar
85g butter
2 small eggs
150g flour
pinch of salt
1/2tsp baking powder
pinch of baking soda
6g cocoa powder
160g (soft!)butter
160g cream cheese
400g icing sugar
pulp of one vanilla pod
1. preheat oven to 160ºC and put paper liners into muffin tin
2. pour chocolate drops, almond milk and half of sugar into a pan and heat up until chocolate is melted and incorporated 
3. beat rest of sugar and butter until it’s light and fluffy
4. add eggs to the batter and continue beating
5. add flour in a few portions, then add baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder
6. beat slowly until dough is smooth
7. fill 2/3 of paper liners with dough and bake for about 13 minutes (there still need to be a few crumbs on a toothpick!)
8. Whilst cupcakes are in the oven, prepare frosting
9. beat butter and icing sugar until it’s very smooth and light (almost white) for about 5 minutes
10. add cream cheese and vanilla
11. to decorate, fill piping bag with frosting and start piping from the outside to the inside on the cold cupcakes
12. Enjoy!

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